Monday, August 3, 2009

EpcotServo's Aug.2nd EPCOT Update: Endless Eight

Hello everybody! Once again time for the Update time! Let's get right down too it.


-The ticket price increase indeed applies to the Birthday Card. Funny how it changes ON the day of my Birthday. I apologize Disney wants to give me more money at your expense.

-Crowds were medium to light.

-Noticed "Flash Plate" keychains on sale at the Africa stand, with your name on it. They're really cool, it's a plastic keychain that's solar powered. As long as it's in a room or outside where there is decent light, the image flashes on and off! They're $8 and really neat. (I only mention this because I got a much better Haruhi one at the Anime Convention the day prior for $5.) Japanese Keychain/Cell Phone strap technology is YEARS ahead of ours!

-The Friendship boat was running the Morroco-to-Germany-THEN to the Mexico dock route, which is unusual. My guess it's staffing, as this was at noon, showcase had only been opened for an hour.

Ok, that's it, on to the pictures!


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