Friday, July 24, 2009

EpcotServo's July 24th EPCOT Update: Gimme Shelter

Hey everyone! Spent the afternoon at the parks, but I bring you back a very short Update, as I found very little things to Photograph, so I didn't.

What? It was all hot and the camera is hard and stuff.


-Hall of Presidents, still good

-Crowds, still stinky

-Pirate hats, still missing

-Space Mountain. No visible work from the back side, aside from the dumpster. Where is the Crane? Where is the track? Where is the Ladders? This is not my beautiful wife! This is not my beautiful house!


-Few Kim Possible notes, Finally got to do Japan's mission. It has by far the best effect in the whole game! Also you now get to choose another mission instead of always dropping it off. This is GREAT! You can do all the countries without going back to the kiosk for a ticket. Very nice!

-Crowds medium.

-Nothing to Report on Spaceship Earth.

So that's all really.

On to the Picture! (pictures?)


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