Friday, July 10, 2009

EpcotServo's July 9th Update: Sight President

EpcotServo's July 9th Update: Sight President

Heya everyone! Long time no Update, so let's put the Ki-bosh on the moping about and get straight to the stuff!


-Crowds medium, but smellier and annoyinger than usual, at Kingdom at least.

-Everything fine on Mansion (Save for above mentioned Smelly and Annoying Guests)

-Toppling Hat Pirate is still sans X4 Headgear. Simply one hat still.

-Hall of Presidents! Awesome! Loved the rehab. The film is overall much stronger and the show feels "tight" now. Everything done just perfectly. The Audio, The Lighting, The AMAZING Digital projection, it's just Great. My favorite part is how they worked the ORIGINAL Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show and audio into the Hall of Presidents. Disneylandia at WDW! I love it! Like I said, go down and see it, they did a really great job. George Washington's speaking part was great, and Obama was amazing to see in Person. Two thumbs way up on this Rehab!


-Not much going on, crowds medium, weather rainy and drizzily.

-Nothing mention-worthy on the topic of Spaceship Earth as well.

ALLLLLLRight, that's all for that. On to the Pictures!


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