Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EpcotServo's June 23rd STUDIOS Update: I love...Lamp.

Hey everyone! Big show, so let's get too it already!


-Crowds heavy, everything packed.

-New sign at Little Mermaid.

-The real news of course, it's the long delayed, eagerly awaited debut of Luxo Jr. What can I say? It's just as amazing as I thought It'd be, and the two entirely different nighttime shows it manged to do left me breathless. It's awesome during the day, but like everything at Disney, it becomes an entirely different, and unmissable experience after dark.

Now here is my video for you, edited to give you the best feeling of the nature of the amazingness. It's not any of the ENTIRE shows, which others will post no doubt and I say you avoid, but more of a general overview of the experience and first day in public and to present in the spirit intended rather than second by second.

If you want to stay fully unspoiled (As I recommend.), please skip it.



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