Saturday, June 20, 2009

EpcotServo's June 19th UNIVERSAL Update: Alternate Universe

So had a HUGE day at Universal yesterday, and I bring you back all the pictures and the Scoop! (No, not that Scoop)


-Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket is BIG. REALLY BIG. I do think it's a way's off from opening, it looks like elements are being installed but they still have to integrate all the many elements and do ALOT of testing.

-Mummy is still great, save for still non-working Mummy. Lot of people get Everest down, but I still attest that at least Everest's B-Show is WAYYYY better than the creepy face of doom. They must be having problems too, because he wasn't working in September either. I wanna' see him again, he's awesome!

-Men In Black, also still great.

-Enjoyed second ride on Simpsons alot. Really fun ride!


-Potter building still looks far from down.

-Everything working well on Spiderman.

-Found out that they have offboard cameras at Hulk and you can buy the video as well as your picture. Clearly field testing for Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket's offboard cameras!


-Had dinner at the Whopper Bar. It's really just a Burger King, but it's still a great idea and much needed. It's great to see such an improvement in the right direction! You could tell Pleasure Island shot itself in the foot...LOTS MORE PEOPLE coming into Citywalk late at night than usual.

-Overall the parks were really clean. I saw more people cleaning the bathrooms than I have at Disney in the past few weeks. This is just sad, but anyways, well done Universal.

-Also a real treat, actually saw a LOT of great Team Members. Talking to people, smiling, helping us. Really great to see at Universal!

-Crowds were medium, we got on everything really quickly. Should be much more crowded at this time of year though, I wish them the best attendance wise.

OK, that's it for words. On to the pictures!


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