Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EpcotServo's Jun.9th STUDIOS Update: Land of the Lost

Hey everybody! Went to Studios yesterday evening, and bring you back all the gory details and newsofacts!


-Crowds were medium to light. Not horrible.

-They are building a new waiting structure for RNR, by the KRNR food booth.

-A word to the wise, watch where you step. As I was trying to get a good picture of the thing above, I unknowingly stepped in human excrement, conveniently left in the middle of the busy RNR plaza. Nice. Even better were the ones I heard laughing, as if it were funny. (If you were one of those people reading this, watch out. I think Karma is dangerous, and I suppose your friends would find it HYSTERICAL if you came down with explosive diarrhea in a crowded bus! Just sayin', Karma works like that...) Anyhoo, just remember that most guests are animals, and never take for granted the social skills of those around you on your Disney vacation. You'll never believe the things you see if you go out to the parks enough.

-Midway Mania was down for a good portion of the day.

-Saw a tiny peek of Luxo behind the curtains. Great to finally see the thing after waiting so long! There are tons of new hidden speakers around, and I'm so excited to see him in action.

-More great news for Pixar fans, the previously Pixar-Studio-Shop-Exclusive plush squeaky Bird from the short "For The Birds" is available to buy at the Pixar Place shop!

-Finally saw the finished Idol finale show, it was packed. Full house, popular show. As for the talent, they were pretty good. Two were GREAT, but in the end they were both robbed because the horrible whining sound is popular in music these days.

OK, that's about it. On to the pictures!


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