Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EpcotServo's June 2nd EPCOT Update: EPCOT Park Rhapsody

Hey everyone! Spent the afternoon at EPCOT, and bring ye back all the informations! Please to Hastily read on!


-First of all, the Entrance Loop is changed. Unless this is some sort of temporary music track or leftover from Flower and Garden, which is unlikely, I believe you should prepare yourselves for not hearing the familiar EPCOT music that's welcomed you for years.

I really hate to break the news, but this may be a big disaster for most of you.

I wandered in listening to every note trying to place my best guess on this music. At first it sounds like classical music. Heavy classical influence, but nothing in particular. Towards the end of the sweeping classic score, I realized that I've heard this song in a different tune before.

It was Bippity Boppity Boo from Cinderella. Before I could catch my breath, a new classical-style rendition of "This is Love" began to play.

In short, no EPCOT music. Just classical-style renditions of Disney Tunes. I really hope this is just temporary, but...I have a feeling that this will be "EPCOT Entrance Loop 2009".

As for what I think? Until I hear some real EPCOT tunes in the plaza again, consider it ON NOTICE.

-No news from inside Spaceship Earth, all normal.

-Crowds were Medium to Light, nothing major except the lines for Soarin' and such.

-Paltry selection of UP plush and books at MouseGear.

-New retro shirts are awesome.

-Lots of missing audio in my Mission Space capsule.

-First ride on Energy since the rehab, looks nice but pre-show projectors were really fuzzy.

-KUKA Fish working on Nemo.

-Reflections of Earth was going good, until Celebration...when the LED's on Earth broke and the globe stopped. Bless their hearts they turned on the interior lights and set them to the music. Thankfully it opened and the fire worked too.

-After the show ends and the full We Go On song plays, they now play the wonderfully atrocious "Celebrate You" song. No thank you.

OK, got tons of pictures, so let's get too it!


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