Friday, May 1, 2009

EpcotServo's May 1st STUDIOS Update: Twenty-something

Hey everyone! As you may have heard around here lately, Studios turned 20 today, and I bring ye back pictures from this morning's festivities! Lots of pictures to get to tonight, so let's get started!


-20th Anniversary Celebration was much more involved thankfully, and was great. Banners, Pins, Shirts, and a temporary Studios anniversary showcase at the end of One Man's Dream, with lots of great art and a video showing some great construction footage. Be sure to stop by One Man's Dream and see it!

-The Imagineer presentation was fantastic, the real highlight being getting to see old footage from the Studio Tour, I haven't seen in SUCH a long time, such as the Celebrity Cameos, "The Lottery", and the beginning of the "Mickey & Michael" film that showed with new film trailers. That was really great! Also spurring many a new rumor, they did make a few hilarious jabs at the hat.

-Crowds were medium to light.

-Club Penguin Meet Test is set up, who knows if it will do well.

-20th Anniversary drawings and such for sale at Art of Disney

-Just one T-Shirt on sale for guests, nice. Nothing retro because of the name change of course. Shame...

-All in all I'm SO glad they went all out and celebrated it, Thanks go out to all those involved.

Ok, that's about it. On to the Picture Section of the Tour!


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