Monday, April 27, 2009

EpcotServo's Apr.27th STUDIOS Update: Observe & Report

Hello! Time for yet another Update, back to the Studios. Lots to see, so let's get right to seein' it!


-First of all, now they blast out announcements every few minutes before park opening pleading for auditions for American Idol. It's not because there will be a huge line later because...well. There's never a line. They need to scale it back, the frequency of the announcements-even though the spiel is pre-recorded, it seems like I started laughing because the magic voice begins to sound more and more desperate in my mind.

-Crowds were Light to Medium, Walked on Single Riders RNR four times, and walked on Standby once. Even Midway Mania had a short wait in the morning with plenty of Fastpasses until around noon!

-Speaking of Idol, had a 19-Minute 11' o clock show. A singer dropped out either by not showing up or opting out at the last minute.

-Up display has been updated.

-D23 has added more signage to One Man's Dream. I'm sorry, but the billboard added to the exit seems like...well. Almost takes away from the value of the presentation if people think it's an advertisement.

-Audio sounded great on all four (different) trains I rode on at RNR.

-Horticulture was working on Tower's gardens. The vine overhang is gone for now, until it grows back.

-Lots of rigs set up near the hat, hopefully for the 20th!

Alright, that's it for that. On to the pictures!

Anime smile

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