Friday, April 24, 2009

EpcotServo's Apr.23rd DAK Update: Lost Horizon

Hello there my Friends! Went down to Animal Kingdom for a bit yesterday. I know, it's been awhile, right? Well some cool stuff to get too, so let's get too it!


-There were "Earth" Ads/Stations infront of the park and in Asia.

-Crowds were Medium to Light, Everest was maybe a 10-15 Minute wait, Countdown a walk on.

-Effects status on Everest! Under-carriage Steam Working, but side vents were not.Waterfall A working, Waterfall B not.Mist on Peak was WORKING, but because of the wind direction only the most observant eyes could see it from the bottom. The only surefire way to know is to check from Broken Trestle by looking back at the peak. They've added several misters to the RIGHT of Broken Trestle's back area, almost making a U shape now, hopefully catching breezes and pumping it down to the scene on winder/more humid days. Yeti, as always, in B-Show. Someone mentioned some kind of difference in some Brake Zone, not today. System running as smooth as it should be.

-So the famous Yeti cast has been put on display in the Yeti Museum! A great addition to the collection. Here's how the display reads.

"This is a casting of a mysterious footprint discovered in December of 2007 by explorer Joshua Gates and his team in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. This is the best preserved of three prints, which were found in sequence near a river in the Khumbu Valley, at an altitude of about 10,000 ft.

U.S. Experts have scanned each of the prints and have concluded that they are anatomically legitimate and represent a significant find. This scan shows the heel from one partial footprint (In blue) superimposed on the larger print (In grey). The two match almost exactly which indicates that they are real footprints left by an unknown bipedal animal in the wild.

Joshua Gates is an American explorer and photographer and donated this footprint to The Yeti Museum in April of 2008. One of only three castings, this footprint represents the first 21st Century evidence of the Yeti."

-For those looking for figures of say, Figment, or Big Al, there's a new set of plastic "Theme Park Characters" that may interest you.

-Nothing working right on Countdown...ever. Sad, really.

-Happy Belated Birthday Animal Kingdom!

OK, that's about it.


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