Saturday, April 18, 2009

EpcotServo's Apr. 17th KINGDOM/EPCOT Update: Sayonara Space-Sensei

Hey everybody, ran into the parks yesterday and come back with THIS!


-Heavy Crowds, but not Extreme.

-Peoplemover, just one day away from closing, was REALLY broken. Saw some cars moving while others didn't, saw the Load chain going REALLY fast and all other trains crawling, and at one point all the cars were rolling backwards. I underestimated how much it needs this rehab!

-Space Mountain was really busy in it's second to last day, and noticed from the Monorail that they added a security booth at the back of the mountain for the soon-to-be-construction area!


-Not as crowded at Epcot, but still heavy.

-Nothing to report from SPACESHIP EARTH

-Universe of Energy was down.

-The new/old Paint Scheme looks great!

OK, that's it for the talking. On to the Pictures!


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