Friday, March 27, 2009

EpcotServo's Mar. 26th KINGDOM Update: Night Rider

Ohellooo! How's it going? Spent a nice late evening during Kingdom's extended hours last night, and I bring you back dark photographs and worded reports! Gonna' get right too it.


-Crowds were medium, then dropped to light after the Fireworks at 9.

-Space Mountain is still rough and clunky. ALOT of work to be done, that's for sure.

-At Big Thunder, the Family and MAGIC favorite POSSUMS are back, and now SPIN! Yes, they're motorized and spin around, making them impossible to hit, but feel closer then they are. Really cool, thanks Disney!

-Also at Big Thunder, our ride timing was SO perfect: we went right into the last helix JUST as Wishes had it's grand finale, as if it was timed to the Fireworks. The whole train started screaming and clapping, and it was great!

-Overall, the rides and park looked pretty good. Most everything seemed to be in working order and looked fine, save for rickety Space Mountain and the still-missing hats on the Hat Pirate at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean.

OK, that's all. On to the Pictures!


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