Friday, March 13, 2009

EpcotServo's Mar. 12th EPCOT/Studios Update: These are your Friends now

Hey there! Time for another one. This time we got a little EPCOT and a little Studios, so let's right down to business!


-Crowds were light. Posted wait times were SPACE at 10, Test at 40, and Soarin' unverified. Really very pleasant!

-Test Track as a bit of "OnStar" audio tacked in after the Thermal Image, not sure how long that's been there.

-Flower and Garden preparation all around.

-Universe of Energy is still closed, quite a lengthy rehab for one of the most reliable of the complicated rides.


-Crowds were heavy, park hours extended from 9 to 10. PLEASE return Fantasmic to daily shows, this one day packing is killer!

-Like it or not, I hate to say that Idol seems to be a hit. Hundreds of people sitting outside on the ground watching the Finale Show from outside. Needless to say, it's kind of a testament to the power of Americans to watch reality television when they're willing to waste 45 minutes of their vacation watching it on a big screen TV. Sad really.

-23 is now featured in One Man's Dream.

OK, that's about it. On to the Pictures!


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