Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EpcotServo's March 3rd STUDIOS Update: AROUND

Greetings Programs! Got WAY too many pictures and some news from yesterday, so let's jump right too it!


-Crowds were light! Around peak time, 1:00, Coaster was a walk on in the Single Riders line, and Tower was a walk on as well. Even Midway Mania was only around a 40 to 50 Minute wait, much shorter depending on how many Fastpasses were coming in from time to time.

-UP has been added to the Animation Gallery, very cool.

-Great news, the Mickey Ave. sign is back! Now it can be said that Midway Mania took away nothing of great value.

-The droid that's being worked on in the Droid Room was SMOKING a great deal. I mean just bellowing out every crack it has. It worried me, I've never seen it do that. After some digging, it turns out it IS an actual effect though it never works, and it's only supposed to come out at one part of him. So they must've fixed it, only to miss a crack in the line meaning that the entire droid filled with smoke instead of just coming out of one part.

-They've replaced the Wall gobos at Muppets so they look like walls again, and not not burn marks. Thank you!

-Had spotty Audio in one of the Limotrains on RNR.

-In the RNR Fastpass/Singles lobby they've added some LED lights to give the room some changing color. Nice!

-In the Waiting area after that, all of the new HANES shirts shadowboxes are MIA. Interesting.

-The Tower's new lighting, as discussed in the Minor TOT news thread, looks great! Still creepy but you can see it clearer now.

OK, that's it. On to ALL the pictures!


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