Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EpcotServo's Sep. 9th STUDIOS Update: Someday at the Studios

Hello united people of the internets! Went to the Studios yesterday afternoon, and I bring ye news and photos! Let's get rolling, shall we?


-The parks are a lot less crowded now thankfully. Aside from Midway Mania, all other rides ranged from walks ons, to 15/20 minute waits.

-There is a new Toy Story Midway Mania shirt, although it appears to only come in children's sizes.

-They've installed bright lights in the track bed of the Load area at Midway Mania, to keep guests aware that they shouldn't go towards the large pit in the ground, and not to let their kids dash into it.

-Got a new personal best score on the ride: 210,700!

-For some of you who haven't heard Mr. Potato Head's third and newest song, I got it on film. Hit it, Mr. Potato Head!

-It seemed to me like one of the trains on RNR was running awfully fast. It was even more of a blast than usual!

-TOWER AUDIO UPDATE: I was in the right side Tower shaft (Foxtrot, I think. I always get my side names mixed up!) and the audio in the first shaft was OK (Except once the word "Zone" was missing, so he just said "In the Twilight". In the actual drop shaft, the audio was VERY loud and sounded a bit tin-ey.

-Much of the Sounds Dangerous/ABC Theatre building is painted blue. Not great, but not as bad as the blue paint they put on The Seas building.

OK, that's it for the newsparts. On to the visual medium!



-Thanks to a nifty new feature, you can track the locations of the Update via Map! You can even open it up in Google Earth in tandem with the 3-D Disney Buildings to create an ULTIMATE EPCOTSERVO VIRTU-TRACK HD REALTIME 3-D EARTHSCAN UPDATE 3000, bringing the randomness into frightning real life. Check it out!

-If all goes according to plan, look for another UNIVERSAL Update in the not too-distant future!*

-If you're just joining us on our 17-mile journey to the Magic Kingdom, welcome aboard! And have you checked out the Gift Shoppe?

And as usual, EpcotServo's Updates are made possible thanks to viewers, like you.

"What do you think, Sirs?"
-Joel, MST3K

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