Sunday, September 14, 2008

EpcotServo's Sep. 13th UNIVERSAL Update: Not Disney

Hey everyone! Went back to Universal for a day, and I bring you pictures! First the notes!


-Not very crowded. Waits around 10 to 30 Minutes.

-The Enchated Oak is long gone, as I'm sure you know.

-Pretty much all effects on Spiderman were working, though a few of the screen's were fuzzy.


-The Simpsons Ride was great! I had high expections, and they were met. The outside of the ride is a bit busy, but it makes up for it in funny signage. The pre-shows are fantastic, and I REALLY loved the ride film/lighting/effects/projectors in the main dome. I actually think it's overall a better ride than Back To The Future. (Only because the actual BTTF Ride Film was very dissapointing. This one lived up the hype of all the Pre-Shows you have to watch. Plus, it's not nearly as rough!)

-Mummy was great as always, but the first Imhotep wasn't working.

OK, on the pictures!


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