Friday, September 19, 2008

EpcotServo's Sep. 19th DAK Update: Nautazu Revue

Hello everybody, time foanotherupdate! To Animal Kingdom! Away!


-Crowds light, weather good. Waits short.-A few new Everest T-Shirts.

-Yeti in B, However, the SECOND time I rode the ride in the afternoon, a worklight was on in the caverns behind the Yeti, proof that they ARE working on the Yeti. Those lights would not be on unless someone was inside the Yeti's tech area and structure. The steam was also working.

-The Himalayan Escapes Disclaimer sign were missing from both the Standby and Fastpass Queues.

-Really great Safari, animals out and Terry (Our Driver) was the best I've seen in years riding the Safaris. Kudos!

-Primevil Whirl is all torn up, with MAJOR sections of the ride gone now. It's amazing!

OK, on the pictures!


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