Sunday, September 28, 2008

EpcotServo's Sep. 27th EPCOT Update: You & Me, plus the camera makes 3

Hey everyone! Time for a (gasp) EPCOT Update! Let's get on goings before the goings gets!

EPCOT Center

-Spaceship Earth was in great shape, no missing or broken effects to speak of.

-So I finally got around to seeing STORMSTRUCK. Meh. I think it's a very old-style-Futurechoice-theatre-style attraction, and it's great for EPCOT, but the LONG wait time really keeps it from being a must-see.

-I have two Kim Possible pictures of mysterious goings on. The screens in innoventions is beyond me, I'm excited to see just how it'll work. While waiting for StormStruck, I heard the unmistakable sound of the ringtone you hear on your phone in the game, but it was too loud for a phone though, and I never heard it again. Odd! We should be getting to do it October I believe.

-Innoventions has maps of the buildings again.

-World Showcase was packed with the Food & Wine goings ons.

-The lead singer of Big Bad Vodoo Daddy called it EPCOT Center during the second set. Way to go!

-Fellow Anime fans should note that Japan is now selling the Rae (Evangelion) Revoltech figure now, for $35.95.

OK, that's it for the talkingwords. On to the PicturePixels!


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