Tuesday, October 7, 2008

EpcotServo's OCT. 6th EPCOT/STUDIOS Update: Park Walking

Hey everybody! Took a morning trip to EPCOT and Studios, and henceforth bring said Update! First, some of the talky-word-stuffs first.


-The sets of screens having to do with Kim Possible I showed in the last Update were on yesterday, showing a Kim Possible screensaver.

-As reported elsewhere, the 25th Gallery is closed for good. Some signage still remains.

-Crowds were light to medium, and waits were short. Waited maybe 15 minutes for Soarin', and walked on both Imagination and Mission SPACE. (The green side was a pretty long wait compared to the empty-ness of the REAL ride's side.


-Crowds were also light to medium. Tower maybe 5 minutes at most, Coaster was maybe 20 to 30 in Standby, and a walk on in Single Riders. Midway Mania was down, and when it came back up & running we walked right on, afterwards it looked like a 50 to 60 minute wait. Fastpasses were gone when we got there. (Around 2:00)

-They are still working on the Sunset Blvd. stores.

-The refurbished waiting area near Tower and Coaster is done.

-In Midway Mania, the entire wall on the righthand side of Mr. Potato Head is completely blank, all the way up til' merge. This wall used to be covered with drawings and such, including the "hidden nemo". My guess is that they are repainting/remaking the theming on the wall. Very odd.

-No new real TSMM merch, though they have a new Toy Story Mania beach towel.

OK, that's all for the news. Now on to the pictures!



I have the new (Well, still in Beta) Picsa 3, and wanted to try out it's movie making function, and I thought I'd make a montage/commercial. Enjoy!

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