Saturday, August 30, 2008

EpcotServo's Aug. 30th MK Update: Burn After Riding

Heyaeverybody! Time for a Magic Kingdom Update! Lots of newsbits and phototrons to get too, so let's get started!


-Firstup, the WDWMagic Magic Kingdom meet was lots of fun! Kudos to SweetMagic and EPCOT.nut for a great meet and ultra-fun Trivia Contest! (And big thanks to whomever bought/gave the old WDW Souvenir book that I won! My family has three big shelves of old WDW souvenir books and we don't have this one! That's pretty hard to do when we have so many!)Anyways, it was tons of fun and I can't wait to do it again sometime!

-The New Liberty Square Bridge is open now, though they are still working under and around it. It's totally flat now, and is a much lighter color. (Sorry, only one picture. The rain came and made it impossible to take pictures of due to the fact I was umbrella-less!)

-I spotted an interesting new tall streetlight in Tomorrowland.

-Weather was nice in the morning, but rainy in the afternoon.

-Crowds were light in the morning, but it was packed by the time I left.

-The crane is back working on the castle.

-The Pirate trying to get on the boat is missing his toppeling hats.

-Space Mountain broke down, and I have lights-on shots from the Peoplemover!

OK, that's it for that.

And now: More of this!


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