Wednesday, July 23, 2008

EpcotServo's July 22nd MK Update: Kingdom Come



OH YEAH! The castle park, now I remember. Haven't been there in a while! So it was time to brave the always-crazy-crowds at Kingdom, and I bring back pictures and updates! Let's start with the boring part, shall we?


-Laugh Flur is now on the maps. (No, not the song "Maps", the Park Maps.)

-Crowds were heavy, wait times high. Save for during Spectromagic, which is, as usual, a great time to ride things.

-City Hall's clock tower is still missing. Save the Clock Tower!

-Liberty Square Bridge is still open, though there's lots of work being done under it.

-Got to see Space Mountain with the lights on! It was down for about 45 minutes.-Want to thank Eric at Jungle Cruise for the best Jungle Cruise since my last trip to Disneyland. Also he managed to un-stall the boat, so we weren't stuck in the darkness of the Amazon River at night for a good 20-30 minutes waiting for a tow.

-maxed out Buzz again. (999,999!) I guess Midway Mania has really raised the bar. I say tear it out for a Wall-E dark ride!

-Laff Floor was really funny, despite me knowing most of the jokes. Interesting though, they've added a sound effect to one of the door handles in the Waiting Area. It made a noise, but I didn't catch what it was.

OK, that's it for the non-picture part. Now on to the pictures!


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