Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EpcotServo's July 15th DAK/STUDIOS Update: The Park Night

Hey Everyone. Done with Potterland,Tiki Rooms, and Shanghi? Me too. That means it's update time! Lots of pictures, so let's cut the chat and get straight to it then!


-Crowds were medium to heavy when I got there, but then it started to Rain!

and rain.....and rain.....A deluge! After maybe only 30 Minutes the park was pretty much cleared out! To give you an idea...

A: I walked right into a Countdown pre-show. After riding through once, the Load area was empty thanks to being between pre-shows and they let everyone in the rover go through for another ride through. (To everyone from Countdown To Breakdown: Yes, I stayed on. I have no idea why. It's like they never want you to leave.)

B:I walked right onto a Safari truck. Thanks to it still raining very hard, I guess people thought they'd get soaked. I got misted, but stayed mostly dry and had a great time.

C:Pangani Forest Trail was just pretty much me, the cast Members, the animals not hiding, and all the rain.

D: Eating at Restarauntosaurus, a manager had to come out and explain to me and the few people there why the food was taking so long. The reason? It was so empty they had to stop making food non-stop or else they'd be throwing food away, so they had to make our food to order.

-Kali River Rapids was down, and halfway drained.


-Crowds were medium.

-They've added a giant guitar pick sign to the Stratocaster outside RNR that says "Presented by HANES".

-New Midway Mania Merch!

A: Three new Midway Mania mugs at $11.95 each.

B: A kid's shirt with a Little Green Men face on it. On the back it says "Ring Me!" with a Toy Story Midway Mania logo on it.

C: The already talked-about Pixar shirt and jacket.

D: The Spring-Action Shooter keychain, $6.95. Very cool! Description inside.

-Waits for Midway Mania were posted high, but weren't that bad. Maybe 30 minutes. It moved fast thanks to hordes of Fastpass Returnees not coming in.

OK, that's all for news. Now on the pictures!


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