Thursday, July 3, 2008

EpcotServo's July 3rd MINI-EPCOT Update: INDEPENDENCE DAY (Almost)

Hey there! Had to do a quick bit of shopping at EPCOT, and I figured I might as well ride a few rides and take a few pictures. (Really, just a few pictures. 10 to be exact.)

Anyways, here's a small rundown.


-Crowds were actually medium. I was very surprised, I thought it'd be packed seeing as how it's the day before July 4th.

-The only Wall-E merch to be found was a small shelf in Mousegear with kids' clothes and a selection of the smaller action figures. Really dissapointing figuring how many things there are and how well the movie did. But at least I have a small Wall-E figure for the time being.

-On Spaceship Earth I noticed the greek teacher appeared to be leaking a clear liqud on the floor. On the way out of the park, the ride was closed. Releated? I'm sure!

-In other Spaceship Earth news, THE PAPERBOY IS DONE! And a big "Eat it!" to all ye of little faith. Whilst he is still facing the mural, he's now a fully-fleshed out AA, moving rapidly and fastly. He even has such a wide range of motion, you can even see his face sometimes when he looks over his shoulder! Thus finally revealing WHY he's been turned around this whole time.

Case Closed!

OK, that's it. Here's a few pictures!


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