Sunday, June 1, 2008

EpcotServo's May 31st STUDIOS Update: Open Mania!

Hey there! Got some pictures from yesterday, so without further stalling, here they are! first the newsabits...


-Midway Mania is OPEN! All sneek preview signs are down, and Fastpass is running. If you want to ride this ride, do so in the first hour or so! Anytime else you may be in for a wait. even if you have Fastpasses! If the Fastpass line is out the door, or full of people at all, leave Standby ASAP. If you don't, you're in for a LOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG wait due to how long it'll take Fastpass to get through.

I love this ride, but PLEASE remove Fastpass and keep Single Riders. (which works well, but if the Fastpass line is, again, out the door, fugedaboutit. They won't let you in.)

-Got my personal best score yesterday...189,700!

-Hunchback theatre progress is pretty good.

-no Idol progress.

-Epic was running Fastpass. not usual.

-Crowds were medium to light.

OK, that's all....

(Remember, as usual, Midway Mania pictures inside if you're still skipping spoilers.)


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