Saturday, June 7, 2008

EpcotServo's June 6th STUDIOS Update: Weekend Warriors!

Heya everyabody! It's time once again for the geekdom that never ends, at Star Wars Weekends! yay! Lots going on yesterday, and tons of pictures, so let's get started!


-So as far as Star Wars Weekends 08' goes: It's pretty much the same stuff as every year. The Autograph sessions are the same. The meet and greets are now mostly by Muppets and Star Tours instead of on Mickey Ave. The Stars of the Saga now takes place in the old/new hunchback theatre. The main shop is in the soundtage next to Midway Mania. The logo for this one is cute: but not as cool as the old faded poster design I loved from the 07' weekends. Overall I'd say that I enjoyed last year more, in my honest opnion. I think it may just be bcause of all the "Clone Wars" promos. I have a very bad feeling about that...

-Hunchback theatre! They did a really good job making it indoors. The seats are actually very cozy, and the AC helps a ton. There's plenty of seating, and should serve it's place well. My major complaint is the fact that the waiting area is BONE DRY of any shade, fans, or Air Conditioning. Waiting for an hour in direct sunlight is NOT FUN. They need to install some shade coverings, fans, and benches ASAP.

-Midway Mania! Still going well. Fastpass is still slowing standby WAYYYYY down, but Fastpass was never as backed up as before.

-A new pin set of the Midway Mania prizes came out for a hefty $29 price.

-the Indiana Mickey figure is out as well!

OK, that's it. On to all the pictures!


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