Saturday, May 24, 2008

EpcotServo's May 24th STUDIOS Update: Morning Midway

Hey everyone! Went to ride Midway Mania a few more times (Since it wasaclosed the last time.) this morning before it got crowded. Here's the newsofacts and a few pictures!


-Midway Mania is now featured on park signs and on the Tip Board.

-The new maps with pixar Place and TSM are out.

-The ride opened with the park, but went down an hour after that. It reopened shortly thereafter.

-The Villians showcase at AFI has new stuff, but that's old news.

-The Mr. Potato Head shirt is still $40. Can't wait until the real store opens to get a reasonably priced shirt!

-One time on Midway Mania, our side of the car's shooters were not working. I took the chance to get some (iffy) shots from on-ride. We informed them and they took care of it so no other guests got stuck without guns on that car!

-Some of Hasbro's new indiana Jones action figures can be found at the cart and at the Adventure Outpost. They are extremely overpriced (naturally) so stick with Wal-Mart and Target!

OK, that's it...but first...

The following UPDATE contains
Pictures of both the Queue, and
the inside of the ride. If you are
avoiding SPOILERS of the
attraction, which I suggest you
do, please be aware that they
are in thisupdate. Also be
warned thatthe on-ride pictures
may be blurry, and do not fully
capture what the ride looks

OK, on to the pictures!


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