Monday, January 7, 2008

EpcotServo's Jan. 7th STUDIOS Update: What's in a name?

Hello everyone, had a great day at teh Studios today...lots of pictures so let's get right to it!


-SIGNAGE! Ok, so I'd say it's about half one and half the other name.Some little things were changed (pics included) while the Earful Tower and arch were all still bare. The biggest sign was the new letters on top of ticketing. Cast Members were all spot on at getting the name right.

-The TSM wall has moved up while Narnia is under rehab.

-Pretty much all of the MGM merch is gone (save for attraction stuff and a few frames and such.) Nothing with the new name, but one coat that says Disney MGM Studios 2008. Must've been already made!

-Muppets actully went 101 while I was waiting in the pre show.

-crowds were good.-No hoopla at all.

Ok, that's all the news and's the pictures!


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