Thursday, January 24, 2008

EpcotServo's Jan. 24th EPCOT/MK Update: No country for old Updates!

Hey, everybody. shocking news...

Dear Epson PhotoCenter Member,For more than six years, Epson America has offered customers a free online photo-sharing service. When we originally launched the Epson PhotoCenter, there were few if any other free photo-sharing sites that featured the ability to print high resolution photos.Over the past few years, though, more sites have begun providing similar services, so there is less need for Epson to provide this free service. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the Epson PhotoCenter photo-sharing service.The Epson PhotoCenter will officially close on April 30, 2008. As of today, customers will no longer be able to open new accounts. Starting February 1, existing account holders will no longer be able to upload new images. And finally, as of April 30, all photos remaining on the site will be deleted and will no longer be accessible.We are encouraging members to retrieve any photos currently stored on the site that they wish to keep before April 30. If you want to save your photos to your computer, please
click here for instructions to download them to your computer. If, after saving photos to your computer, you want to transfer the photos to another photo-sharing site, there are numerous options.

Yes. The beloved home of my Updates have given in and moved on.

And so, it's the end of an era (era here meaning a year.) And since I can't give the original Update-style a great send off, I'll let these guys do it. (Please skip to minute 3:22.)

Now that that's all done, it's time to napkin up the blood and entrails and move on to another town...So let's get started with a brand new update at a brand new site! And now, without further stalling for time, here it is!


-Crowds were medium to bad, waits were pretty good though.

-Saw many broken cars on Spaceship Earth, including my own! It had no audio and a fritzing out screen. (It was cool to see it reboot though!)

-A Seagull is missing from The Seas' sign. Hopefully this means they are fixing them!

-One booth of Innervision at Spaceship Earth opened. (Didn't get to play it though, sorry.)

Magic Kingdom

-No recruiters for the DS test, though I saw one guest with it, and a few Imagineers standing around messing with them.

-The first three dad AA's in COP looked GREAT! They must've rehabbed them. Very nice!

OK, that's it for news and such, now on to the photos!


"What do you think, Sirs?"
-Joel, MST3K

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