Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome Back to the Information Age!

 Welcome to the newly redesigned Updatepage! The information age is changing faster than anyone can predict, so after a blistering many years of staying the same, it's time to update the update page. Ideas, pages, and posts in this new digital space may come and go-but the same basic idea of what we're doing here is going to stay very much the same. Creating a space for weirdos, geeks, webheads, tranks, skeezos, and all manner of futurefolk to come and stay up to date. The new UpdatePage will be the Epcot-esque center for more rambling thoughts and updates related to EpcotServo (The Biohumanoid) and less to theme parks only. Well, we don't know what our goals our, and we don't know what we want to accomplish. And I can safely say, it's the most exciting change we've tackled here at the UpdatePage. 

Please mind the wet Interpaint. 

Love and G'night 


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