Friday, February 6, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.5- Train Man

Hello everybody and welcome to the first Update on the fresh new UpdatePage! Lots of captions and pictures to take in, so click on friends!


-New Universal entry sign, very nice.

-Weather cold and windy, crowds not very bad.

-Had more amazing experiences with Team Members than usual on this day, had loads of amazing interactions and even had a magic moment at Transformers where we got express'ed on just for bein' around, so super amazing thanks to the loads of great Team Members out there that made a usual parkvisit just a little extra special.


-Hub is super torn up. Castle Crane up as well.

-Tiki, Country Bears, Progress, Peoplemover!

-Mine Train is still Mine Trainey

-Got stuck for nearly twenty minutes on Pirates right before Unload, which was the fun part of an interesting Pirates experience-Including a grouper who wanted to stuff four large adults into the FIRST row, which we the guests had to instruct isn't humanly possible. And to top it off, we got SOAKED at the bottom of the drop. I don't mean the "Ha, Pirates was a little splashy today!" wet, I mean drenched. Only getting stuck at the end helped to dry my jeans out before leaving. Thankfully we got a re-ad, but either Pirates was having a terrible night or George the ghost was having a laugh. Yeah, interesting ride on Pirates.

-Got FerstPassesPlus online this time, worked out really well. Got on Mansion, Pirates, and Big Thunder with them.

-As an aside, the beach shacks along the Polynesian waterfront are pretty visually appalling from around Bay Lake. Blergh.

-It was still a great night for Kingdom though.


OK, that's about all there is for that. On to the Pictures!


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