Saturday, July 19, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.97- Dragone with the Wind

 Hey everybody, it's that Updatetime again! Let's get on with the Dragone. Dragon. Whatever.


-Crowds lots and many.

-Heat mostly and very hotly.

-Diagon Alley! So great. Much better than the first Potterlands, and needless to say exceedingly great in many things.

-Only complaints are that there's only like 3 benches in the whole land, and still isn't my Jaws.

-Knockturn Alley, Butterbeer Icecream, and the GlowSnails. Best.

-On first day we went at park opening and had to get a return ticket, last time was around 5 and walked right in.

-Gringott's! Lucked out and got on rested and ready for waiting with a posted wait of 120, only waited an hour and a half. This ride is SPECTACULAR. It may not be my favorite ride ever, but it's without a doubt one of the best rides ever made. It's Universal's least jarring thrill ride that's still scary and cool. It doesn't beat you up and assault your senses like most Universal thrill rides, it's more smooth and controlled and all around thrilling. It's one of the most perfect Dark Rides, and is in the rare caliber of ride with Indiana Jones Adventure, Tower of Terror, and other amazing rides.


-Lots of fun.


OK, that's about all-Now on to the many pictures, and ENJOY!^^

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