Sunday, December 22, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.89- Let It Snoap

Hey there and Happy Holidays again my friends! Time for one more Update before the new year, to get you in the Spectacle kind of mood! Read on, using the adjacent clicker device on your computer or laptop type device!


-Crowds mild to heavy, weather mild

-Things are getting so efficient at WDW, that nothing is efficient. Everything is full, utilized, time-managed, and over-thought. It seems like since full integration, the MCP system has everything gridlocked into rigid conformity that makes everything slow and efficient. If ALL the people have Fastpasses it just means every street is packed and every queue is empty and near-stationary. Pbbbbt.

-For instance, Star Tours is now distributing Fastpass windows that are for RIGHT NOW. So weird.

-Spectacle is still great




-And other things, too.

OK, that's about it...Now to the Pictures!


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