Monday, December 16, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.88- Log Horizon

Hey there everybody! It's Updatetime, because time is for Updating! Read on, if reading on is what you're intending to do.


-Weather cool, crowds mild too

-Jingle Cruise is pretty fun, if you have the skipper for it.

-Pirates has new plasticity boats which makes terrible noises at Unload.

-The PirateQuestVentureThing is actually really fun and cool, and the cast there are very nice so make sure you stop by and quest up.


-So I had three bad experiences with CMs being unhelpful or disrespectful, which is three more than I've had at Epcot, Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal, and Disneyland Resort this year...Oy. Imma stick with going to the other three more. So much hassle.

-Space Mountain Lights On Stuff

-Peoplemover too

-In Updatenews, the Updatepage recently passed 20,000 hits under the internet. My Ultra-Thanks to all those who continue to visit my crazy thing here and thanks for enjoying!

Speaking of which, ENJOY!^^

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