Monday, August 5, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.82- E N D L E S S E I G H T

Hello everybody, let's get going for a great .82 update on 8.2!


-Weather was hot as all get out, Crowds crowded.

-FastpassNextgeneverywhere. EVERYWHERE.

-Universe of Energy badly needs a rehab, projections looking mucky, MANY effects gone from dino scenes, attacking dinosaur now TOTALLY motionless, and an entire Doorwall not working meaning sound disrupting the end of theater b show when the dino music kicks back on. Not to mention curtains not working. Since Energy is only the most important topic affecting the future, it's half past time to put aside short term profit and work on a flawless new Energy show and get this Pavilion back to being a showcase of EPCOT ingenuity with it's incredible ride system still a show piece to be proud of.

-Heeeaaaaatttttttt is stinkyyyyyy

-Lettuce from the land is still so delicious

-All the effects are still working on Test Track! Plus the after-scene scores were working, as well as the Take-A-Picture with your design actually showing your design in the post-show. Aside from a general nextgen derpyness from RFID and giant touch screens, the overall show is still holding up really well.


OK, so that's about it! Enjoy the PictureStuff!


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