Sunday, June 30, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.81- Wild Horses

HELLO everybodyaa and welcome to another Update, back at KSC again-Why so soon? BECAUSE NEW ATTRACTION IS WHY! On to it, then!


-Weather Hot to Rainy, Crowds more crowded than usual

-Grand Opening of Atlantis was great and open to the Public instead of only MediaTypes, meaning UpdateCoverage which is special.

-Not only that, all guests got special opening weekend programs commemorating the goings ons.

-One such goings ons was all the Private Sector space companies giving out freebies and showcasing all the new systems going in place. This was really cool and much appreciated!

-So ATLANTIS is without a doubt *THE* Florida attraction of the year. Fantasyland and Transformers are nice, Penguinland I'm sure has nice things about it (Penguins), but Atlantis is one DARN fine attraction by any standard. Not only is it something worth seeing, it's a giant pavilion with hours of content to see and do, ASIDE from the near 20 minute show leadup, the GREAT ride that is Shuttle Launch Experience inside, and the main attraction of seeing the Shuttle itself. So wrap all that up with a tidy EPCOT-esque narrative and mission, really incredible new music and lighting throughout every stage of it, and mix in the bundle of emotions you carry into it from years of watching the Shuttles in action, plus top it off with a giant new marquee exterior, and there's just no way anything opening this year in Orlando can top it. KSC may not be your first thought in themed entertainment, but you owe yourself a visit to this show, because this and the Saturn V Center are actually two of the best attractions we have in Florida.

OK, on to the Pictures and such stuff!


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