Thursday, June 13, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.79-Bigger, Badder, Botter

Hey everybody, it's summer! There's a park! Let's visit!


-Transformers Passholder Preview Hour was a bit of a cluster, but they did their best to keep it together. Kudos to the event staff and ride crew for keeping calm under pressure!

-The ride is still awesome, but after getting one perfect ride in, both other rides were pretty majorly wonky. The best of which, bad block timing and sound dropping out, but then in the Lift down it rotated backwards from the screen (Forward position since the ride vehicle itself is traveling backwards for the entirety of the second floor) so basically getting to see both levels as you travel downwards, as well as the AMAZING lift mechanisms in the center. Yeah, it was really cool. I love that stuff.

-Universal rides without sound are hilarious, because you can tell how loud they are normally. It's like bobbing and rocking in a big quiet empty room.

-The crew was really superb keeping their calm even when everything went Fubar with the ride. Some bad quick saves were upsetting people, but offering rerides to everyone will do that, and that was a nice gesture but really gunks up the works.

-Men In Black is still my favorite Universal ride since Jaws closed.

-Hot. Stinky. Crowded.

-Mummy and MIB walk-ons are best. Then leave, quickly!

-I don't usually advertise, but seeing as this is the last Update for awhile most likely with the crowds descending, please check out my RedBubble designs, including a new Universe and You one for fellow Alien Attack fans!


OK. that's all for words-now the pictures!


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