Wednesday, June 5, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.78- Robot Rollout

Hello yet again everybody, and let's top off an Updatetastic week with newstuffs at Universalplace! Let's watch!


-Weather was hot and schtanky, followed by Afternoon Rain-Type Storms

-TRANSFORMERS! Is awesome. Definitely a perfect Universal ride and really good. It's pretty much just Spiderman, but with Robots so it's more interesting. Definitely not the best ride ever-It doesn't have many practical sets at all,and Star Tours still has better 3D and display (Note: Both made by ILM, so still flawless) but a solid Universal Studios addition and much better, a needed foray with giant robots and great for Transformers fans.


-Also note hilarious Universal Pre-Shows, wherein they threaten you with Jail for trashing the queue, that everyone will think less of you if you chicken yet, and a screaming crazy guy telling you FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T RIDE THIS RIDDDEEE! (Best)

-Simpsons Fast Food Place is pretty good, didn't eat there yet but Buzz Cola was tasty and the area nice. Not amazing, but nice.

OK, that's all for wordings-Now Picturing!


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