Sunday, January 8, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.46- And your Park is Themed

Hey everyone and welcome to another Universal Update! Before we get to the words and pictures I'd like to warn that due to Google doing something stupid, all Picasa web albums open in Google+...So the captions are now off to the side unless you log in and switch back to web albums. Which I suggest you do. Anyhoo, on to the stuff!


-Crowds were high, and annoying

-They were moving about barges for the new lagoon show. Now there are 4. One at lagoon end, one before Richter's, one by San Fransisco, and one by Amity.

-Amity is walled off, except for the shark photo-op, which is crazy popular even though the land is closed.

-The new line set up in Forbidden Journey is an absolute mess. Now all persons with or without bags enter the line to the left of the entry gates, which snakes all the way back and uses the eternity of the extended and super-extended queue. Basically You'll wait 50 minutes to an hour before you even get your bag in the locker, then wait another 30 to 40 in the normal queue. Basically instead of fixing things, it's somehow turned into a bigger clusterfail of crowd management.

-Face capture wasn't working in the soul-sucking department.


OK, that's about it...Now for the pictures!

Enjoy! (^ ^ )

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