Wednesday, January 4, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.45 JAWS Special- Fin

Hello there everyone and welcome to an Update, Special Update...From the closing of JAWS! Some very nice pictures to get too, so let the words be said!


-Crowds were mild everywhere except Amity and JAWS.

-So many people turned out to see Jaws off. From the chatter in the queue, It seemed the atmosphere was mostly "We support Universal, but this is kind of one step too-far." I guess, alienated was the word. The person in video they put out says it best, there'll never be a ride that captures the feeling of JAWS. (Also the many "REALLY? MORE Harry Potter? What?" comments overheard were always hilarious.)

-They really didn't do much for the closing...They gave out beads, gave the skippers a basic lanyard badge that said "The Final Voyage", and I guess they gave out 48 tickets to press and such for the final ride. All they did for guests was give out beads. It seemed to me the immediate higher-ups tried to do SOME thing, but with no special event, no special merch, and no real hype that wasn't fan created, I think they missed out on a big opportunity. I mean the place was packed with Jaws T-shirts, shark hats, fan-made items and shirts, people lining up again and again...And yet there wasn't an Amity Boat Tours shirt, or a button, or even a little ceremony or anything. It wasn't handled badly, but as send-offs go, the fans far outnumbered anything they did for the fans.

-Speaking of which, all JAWS merch was GONE. Either by lack of stocking, or sold out.

-The night ended in a rousing chorus of "show me the way to go home" at the unload dock, because for the last hour everyone who disembarked stayed around to watch it close. It was pretty tough/special to be there with skippers wiping away tears as this huge crowd on land applauded them as they went by...Like I said, the fan/team member support was huge.

OK, that's about all for wordstuff.

Enjoy! <(^ ^  )

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