Saturday, December 10, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.42- Like Love

Heya everyone and welcome to a long overdue WDW Update! Lots of fun was had, so let's start with the words.


-Crowds were low to mild.

-Expedition Everest was running the proper 4-train profile and was running perfectly.

-Waterfall B was not working again, Steam was working fine though.

-Brand new Everest merch! Every Winter they get great new stuff in, and now they have some new very cool shirts, including a Himalayan Escapes T-Shirt.

-For all that's made over Everest's missing effects, Countdown has more missing longer that are much more important.

-The chasing Carnotaurus wasn't working so they just turned out all the lights. Either that or just a large section of show lighting was broken. It was kind of weird to have a whole long scene of ride just be complete darkness.

-The Jungle Trek is still pretty spectacular.


-Crowds were extremely high. Packed, even.

-We just went in to ride Star Tours, so no pictures.

-Seriously, the park was jam-packed.


-The Starspeeder 1000 figure-sized vehicle is at Studios! Traders had many of them and they were being seriously gawked over. A cast member at checkout shared a cool tidbit, since this was pretty much the first day they were out. The designer of them actually called in and asked how they were doing! They're already selling like hotcakes. Naturally, all Star Tours fans have been waiting for it for years!

-Did I mention the park was like super-packed?


-Epcot crowds seemed mild.

-Full moon out and great weather!

-It was really pretty as well.

-Fun things are fun!

OK, that's about all for words. Pictures now!

(^ ^ )

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