Saturday, December 3, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.41- Fate/Stay Day

 Hello everyone and welcome to another Universal Update! Stuff to get too, so to stuff we get!


-Weather was great, crowds were none!

-Re: Jaws, I'll say plenty with the pictures, but just have to say the skippers as always save the day. They were great and friendly, and even managed to work some great timely humor for being the day they found out it would close. After stressing that a shark hasn't been seen in these waters and that they have the grenade launcher, our skipper added "So nothing can go wrong today...nothing." And after the line about not telling anyone about it because it'd be bad for business noting "Who knows? They might shut us down forever or something!" Perfect.

-Parks are decked for the holidays!

-Yes, even Potterland.

-Spiderman was acting weird again and the whole finale was messed up. As much as I love seeing the falling building reset, that's twice in a row now...And when Spiderman has a 100% track record for working perfect every time for a VERY long time, it's all the more noticeable. Maybe time for that rehab?

-Who says Kamille is a girls' name!?!?!?

OK, that's about it. Now onto the visual culture!

ENJOY! (^ ^ )/

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