Monday, October 11, 2010

EpcotServo's CALIFORNIA Updates: Part 1- Everything Cool in 30 hours or less

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! And welcome to the grandest Update of them all! On October 1st, 2010-there began a trip that would cross of all Los Angeles on a vacation unlike no other! Now get ready to cross the space-time continuum, and journey back, to relive an adventure unlike anything you've ever seen before! Except for the things you have seen before!

Lost Horizon Pictures presents...

We can (Not) have Nice Things

Featurning Guest Appearances by...

Edgar Wright

Michael Cera

Jamie Hyneman

Robby Benson

Satya Bhabha

Craig Ferguson

Anna Kendrick

Dave Thomas

Mae Whitman

Bill Pope

Brandon Routh

Paige O'Hara

Mark Webber

Chris Hardwick

Johnny Simmons

Adam Savage

Michael Bacall

Aubrey Plaza

Don Hahn

Brie Larson

Glean Kean

Geoff Peterson

Alfred Molina

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

And the entire cast of ElecTRONica

Everything Cool in 30 Hours or Less

Day 1 began at 4AM in the morning, eastern standard time. It would end 6AM the next day, eastern standard time. In nearly 30 hours we went from Orlando, to Disneyland, to a little revival theater in Hollywood. Join me now, as we take those first steps into a brave new world...Where we've technically been before...

and ENJOY!

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