Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates STAR TOURS SPECIAL: Adventure Time!

Hey there everyone and welcome to a very special STAR TOURS SPECIAL, super huge finale adventure time Kingdom Studios Update! Why so special? Well, first of all Star Tours' last flight. And the other reason is that the next time it will be Updatetime will be EPIC.



But that's for later. In the future. In the now, let's get down too it!


-Crowds medium to light early in the morning.

-Walked on Space Mountain. The music is an improvement on silence, but still is sub-par. Now it's just like being in a mosh pit, getting bruised and battered in the darkness to rave music with no beat or rhythm. Not for lack of composing, but for lack of timing and sound quality. Just when you can hear the music you've rushed past it and lose the melody. But it fails mostly because the whole ride is still rough and uncomfortable, and just...sub-par. Sorry Space Mountain. I am always rooting for you.

-PAGING MR.MORROW is back on the peoplemover. News to me, as I heard more freaking out about it leaving than notice it had returned.

-Mansion still looks great.

-Fantasyland is Dirt City.

-Seriously, messed up.

-Big Thunder's earthquake scene was in bad shape. No special lighting, or movement.

-Magic Kingdom has a hall filled with Presidents.

-The hat Pirate was hatful again, not hat-less! (Said in Bullwinkle voice)

-All decorated for Halloween.


-Extremely hot.


-Crowds light.

-Sun set around evening, then became cooler and darker.

-Tower was back to itself again, using the Nightastic Cameras like I asked, and restoring the eyeball to showing you. It's awesome! And combined with proper script and random drops, totally rocks! Rhyme!

-Coaster is a hoot in the back

-Midway Mania's exit gates does indeed screw everything up. The added time of the new gates opening and the Cast Members reaching the vehicles slows the WHOLE thing down to terrible slowness. You won't get it until you sit in a vehicle and realize how quick you USED to get out of the car.

Not to mention the ride was messed up too because of the added time, and stopped us in the wrong spot in the prize scene and it has generally caused havoc upon how fast and smooth they had the ride running before.


The final flight was amazing. The people who showed up for the actual guest closing of the ride was a great mix of Ex-Star Tours Cast Members and aficionados who were really devoted to the ride. While Disney decided to focus their PR engine and money on pleasing their glorified Magazine subscribers, this crowd was here because they felt they had to be there, NOT entitled to be there. As a certain French Star Tours researcher would say, and have translated, "They belong here more than we do!"

-I love that last movie I referenced.

-Got Sim 2, Row 1 for the last flight. They loaded all the simulators at one time so everyone got the last flight. The PA went over the cabins before REX came on thanking us for flying on the last flight to Endor, and "Flying with Star Tours for all these years"

Needless to say, it was so much fun. A weird combintain of Hilarity, Screaming and shouting, applause, and "Awwww..."s.

-I miss Star Tours already.

-That's it.

-Have a good'n.

OK, that's about it...


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