Sunday, January 25, 2009

EpcotServo's Jan. 23rd Studios/EPCOT Update: Friday Flashback

Hey everyone! Had a great day at the parks on Friday and thought I'd share in some of the photography update-like. Let's get right down to it!


-American Idol was Idol-ing at full force, with many showtimes and a BIG PUSH on auditioning. I can't say they were meeting their goals, but they were giving call time tickets for auditioning at Park Entrance, Hollywood Junction (Tip Board, Fountain) and back at the Audition Center.

-Sci-fi Drive In is still "the awesome"

-Midway Mania was running smooth.

-Crowds were Medium to Light. Not too bad!

-Hat Painting is continung and is looking bright and cleaner.


-Crowds Medium to Heavy. Soarin' was at 180 Mins., Didn't check the rest.

-Celebrate Today banners outside park, didn't see anything else major.

-Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was running ENTIRELY yesterday! (That means it was going full force, all Countries, all sign up Centers, everything in operation) and it is SMOOTH. It's extremely easy to do multiple different countries with large groups, small groups, alone, what have you. The technology was packing them in the countries, but still managed to time it so you never came upon another team doing exactly what you are doing. With World Showcase PACKED, you did come across teams more often, but it's still perfection. The big new country for me was China, and even though I did this kind of thing three times during the R&D days, and had done Mexico recently, they managed to surprise with unique applications on this adventure, and a surprising Finale. As I've said before, this is one of WDI's best new offerings, and if you aren't in on it, you may just pass it right by. My congratulations to the entire team of Imagineers and Cast Members who brought this from a simple Research and Development Project to do something unique and cool, to a full-fledged Walt Disney World offering, and best wishes as they finish the last few days from full on Grand Opening!

-Spaceship Earth seemed fine, nothing new to report on the way down. Like others have said, you now get to E-Mail your entire video to yourself. I hit a small bug in that it didn't capture the AUDIO, but I'm sure they'll work the little kinks out.

-As I'm sure you know: Fountain of Nations is all walled off.

OK, that's it for the words. On to the pictures!

Anime smile

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