Friday, January 16, 2009

EpcotServo's Jan. 15th UPDATE *EXTRA*: Throw me the Idol

Hey there everyone! Went to the Studios last night for a short while, to take in the cold and the First American Idol Finale Show (with guests). I bring ye back pictures!


-So....American Idol.


Ok, so it wasn't horrible. Honestly only one of the singers made me want to smash my head with a hammer, and the Judge's banter helped bring be back from being tone-deaf. The pre-show "warm up" host was awesome, and the quality of the Cast Members (not the contestants) is what made it so exciting. The singers chosen, did actually step up and sing pretty good, and again, the Judges made up for any flat spots. What was weird though is that I think the general audience was more "Ehhhh..." about it during the actual singing than I was. Maybe it's because I was coming in thinking the singers would be lackluster, and the majority thought otherwise? Odd, Odd attraction. Anyways, the Cast Members are awesome, and the excitement they pitch really sells it. But once THAT wears off, and as long as the crowd is lukewarm to a show that's exceeding MY expectations...It might be dead in the water.

In terms of how the show went, for the First real Finale show, pretty good. There was a hiccup in the doors opening early, and the results being given to the host, but other than that it went smoothly. They didn't do the confetti, but the fans went off and I saw some drop. The Finale show is definitely the one to attended, although it might not be so well attended because 7 to 8 is like the PRIME TIME for getting on rides and queuing for Fantasmic.

OK, that's about it. On to the pictures!


(A NOTE: Picasa's incredible storage as allowed me to keep Updates for a MUCH longer time than ever, but it's starting to run low! By the next update a few older ones will start to be removed, so if you're looking to do some catching up, do it soon! )

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