Friday, December 19, 2008

EpcotServo's Dec. 18th EPCOT Update: EPCOT soup for the Soul

Hi there everyone! As you may have realized by now, the Holidays are upon us, and yesterday brought a quick but eventful shopping trip to EPCOT, and I bring back some updates and pictures! Before the quick picture Update, let's start with a little talkyness.


-Crowds were medium to light. Space was posted at 30 Mins., Test Track at 40, and Soarin' at 50. (However I can't confirm lines were like that, seeing as I did not go to them.)

-MouseGear wasa packed with tons of the Christmas Figment Plush, and so was the ImageWorks shoppe.

-KIM POSSIBLE RUNDOWN: Yesterday they were testing one of the Kim Possible World Showcase portions of WS, from Mexico to China. I didn't take pictures because if there is ONE attraction you shouldn't read Spoilers about, it's this one. So here's is the Non Spoiler Rundown...

Ok, so now that I've tested the Kim Possible World Showcase when it was just a crazy experiment from the talents at WDI Research and Development, to now in it's implemented final form, I stand by what I've always said: You are in for a REAL TREAT. Not only is it a fantastic idea, but one of the most original attractions ever offered by Disney in recent years. Technologically amazing, Stories that are not only interesting but keep in the theme of World Showcase, and a overall fun time for everyone. The effects were all Grade A stuff, and unless you knew they were there, normal guests wouldn't know anything unusual is happening. Blending modern special effects into the old-world streets of the World Showcase Pavilions is quite a trick, and WDI delivers. Not to mention the astounding control systems that take you from Mission to Mission without coming into contact with other players. The entire time playing the game I never encountered another player, even though a good many people were playing. We've gone a LONG way from the "Sensor Maze" my friends. Now they REALLY know you're there. From effects-driven "events" hidden into the fabric of each country, to educational questions, it's got it all. Entertaining characters, engaging storylines, and a brand new way of thinking what a Disney Attraction can be, THIS is one of the ideas that really shows to me that Walt Disney Imagineering still has that bold ambition that no other park can hope to replicate. Years in the future I can still picture people like me having fun sneaking around the Mexico Pavilion, or triggering hidden devices in France. In summary, while others may be paying attention to "American Idol", you really don't want to pass by the unassuming wood-work carts and Cast Members with baggy cargo pants hidden in the corners between Pavilions. Because I guarantee you'll have the time of your life Saving the World. (Showcase)

-Spaceship Earth looked fine, nothing new to report on the way down.

OK, that's all for that. Now on to the pictures!

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