Saturday, November 29, 2008

EpcotServo's NOV. 28th STUDIOS Update: COLORS

Hey there, and welcome back! Finally time for another Update, and this time it's an extra-long-SPECTACLE-special! Lots to get too, so let's get the ball rolling!


-Crowds were HEAVY. And I mean, HEAVY. (Midway Mania at 120 Mins., Coaster 100, Tower 70.)

-Spectacle of Lights has returned! All the lights went off without a hitch, and aside from the outrageous crowds during the first hour, everything went just fine.

-The glasses have somewhat returned, although they AREN'T snowflakes you see now, just a different rainbow-reflective pattern from this line of American Paper Optics light-pattern glasses. (As they said during the last few years, they don't work with the immensely better Streets of America show, and they honestly never worked for the Spectacle ever. Just a nice novelty freebie they gave out to calm the unnatural neverending line from the Residential Street show. ) Anyways, if you want a pair show your Annual Pass at Package Pick Up or at Youse Guys Merchandise for a free pair, or you can buy them for $1 at any Studios shop or street vendor walking around with them.

-Midway Mania was working just fine, and the wall from previous updates has been repainted, and the wallpaper stripes from the staircase are now PAINTED on, and look really good!


American Idol Jumbotron

First Dancing Lights Show of the Year

OK, on to all the pictures.


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