Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EpcotServo's June 24th STUDIOS/EPCOT Update: Overcast Sunset

Hey there! Time for a reallybig updateshow, this time featuring: EPCOT!


The park with the ball and the countries?

Yea, It's been awhile. Crowds were pretty heavy, but there's still LOTS of pictures, so let's get right down to it!


-The shop, cafe, and Meet N' Greet are all now open. Save for a few finishing touches I'm sure they'll be making in the months ahead, Pixar Place is open and ready for business!

-Narnia 2 is soft opening. What I thought: Meh...the set is more interesting, but it's still a big waste of time. Here's how it goes...First you enter and watch a TV saying blah, blah, blah, it was hard to do, blah, blah. Then you enter "Aslan's Howtoloseaguyintendays" and all stand around the stonehenge. After a booming-voice-guy talks about Narnia, some fakeflames (Think really tiny versions of the Pirates' fire) light up below all the screens. Then he says "Let's go to the clip..." and they sum up the whole movie. Just like the old one, they show you so much of the movie and the plot that when it's all over you have NO interest in seeing the movie at all because they summed it all up enough for you to not care at all as to what happens in between the clips.

The "grand finale" is when the clips become real, and the white witch appears. This is the coolest part, as they have a neat fog effect beneath the screen. After a few short seconds that are kind of neat, it goes right back into clipmode and then it all ends with Prince Carpathian being turned into a Milk Chocolate Hershey bar.

The End!


-Firstoff, the bus driver called it EPCOT Center! You go Bus Driver!

-The Paperboy is still M.I.A., but the Music Makers are back!

-A big new, what appears to be, ODV stand popped up near China. I think (but don't quote me on this) it's meant to tide guests over whilst Nine Dragons is closed for refurb. I guess we won't know until the stand is open.

-They've added plaques on the paintings in American Adventure's lobby to give proper credit to the Imagineers who painted them. Great job!

-The Camera some of you super-spies may remember from the Kim Possible game has returned. That's a sure confirmation that this awesome thing is coming back!

OK, that's all. Now on to all the pictures!


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