Monday, April 7, 2008

EpcotServo's April 7th STUDIOS Update: Block Party Bash calls AAA!

Hey there everyone! I'm back at the parks, and it's updatetime! There's a LOT of pictures, so let's get right to the newsofacts...


-A lot of the road signs are changed to the new name. Still a few though.

-There is also alot of DHS merch now, in case you didn't know. Though still some MGM stuff. There's also a Block Party Bash shirt for kids (and I think adult sizes, didn't check.) at the toy shop on Hollywood Blvd.

-Crowds were medium. Not bad, but still a little crowded.

-It looked like there was some kind of toy theming back in Pixar Place. Hard to tell what though, just something yellow.

-WALL-E is now featured at Animation! Yay!

-Block Party Bash is still great, but today after the first show stop, one of the block floats refused to budge come Roll Out time. They had to call the infamous "Parade Tower" to come and tow the float the rest of the way. Have to give mad props to the cast, this whole time (quite a while) they kept dancing and interacting with the crowd, and singing along to the music. How they had energy in the heat to do another show stop is beyond me. Great work everybody! Hardest working cast in the parade business, that's for sure.

OK, on to all the pictures!


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