Thursday, April 10, 2008

EpcotServo's April 10th MK Update: Kingdom Krowds

Hey once more all you interweb-readers! Went for a quick morning trip to kingdom to get my Haunted Mansion/Big Thunder/Pirates fix taken care of. As a huge surprise, it was PACKED. I've been there on crowded holidays, and this was just as bad! Here's more...


-I present to you, my new comedy skit..."It might be really crowded at the Magic Kingdom, IF..."

If you're given a FLIK card before waiting in the line to ORDER FOOD.....It might be really crowded at the Magic Kingdom.

If the line at Big Thunder that streches out the main queue building is the FASTPASS RETURN line.....It might be really crowded at the Magic Kingdom.

If the large line streching across the street in Adventureland is for THE SWISS FAMILY TREEHOUSE.....It might be really crowded at the Magic Kingdom.

All running-joke-tagline-catchphrases aside, it was very crowded. We were there early, so we were able to get around the bulk of it though.

-All you Harbor House fans get ready for a shock. First it was the strips, now they are after your fries. So awhile ago, back in december to be exact, I had gotten a cup of fries there. And to my surprise, they were not the normal "new" fries. Skip to today, at my next meal there, and they are still not the correct fry. They are now rather large (not quite Steak Fries, but in the same style) huge, blocky, fries. Not even half as good as the other fry style that is now used throughout WDW. As a big Harbor House fan, I'm very upset about this. Oh, and as a Chicken-Update, you can now get them in 6 Pc. and 8 Pc. They were more nugget-ish at Harbor House than the ones I had had at other places. Combine that with the the imposter-fries, and it was the first time I missed the Chicken Strips.

"Steak fries...Always soggy."
-The Monarch, Venture Bros.

-As reported elsewhere, there are new Haunted Mansion T-Shirts.

-I looked everywhere at kingdom (And at World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy.) for the 2008 Album, to no avail. Nobody at World of Disney OR Once Upon a Toy knew what I was talking about.

OK, That's it for news. Here's the pictures!


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